Tayrell - Take It Slow ft. HolyBrune (Robin Yerah Remix)


Robin Yerah is a musical powerhouse from The Netherlands who writes, produces and performs highly eclectic and intoxicating R&B music.

Being of Moluccan-Indonesian descent, Robin grew up in a house filled with music and creativity. Accompanying his soulful voice, Robin’s sound of R&B, Soul and Pop is mixed with elements from countless other genres, such as Jazz, Funk & Hip hop.

After the release of his ‘Baby Birds’ beat tape and multiple live videos, Robin quickly gained international notoriety as a young gifted producer and performer. Apart from the lead single ‘Break of Dawn (Prod. Jengi)’, his follow up EP ‘Emulation’ is co-produced by Wantigga and features Maydien.

Robin made an appearance on the Red Bull Music Uncut Soul Cypher (curated by Jarreau Vandal) and made a remix for SIROJ. Mexico City based producer/DJ duo Tayrell asked Robin to feature on their upcoming album, including the previously released single ‘Sunlight’.


Tayrell - Night Out (ft. Wynonna Stoové & Robin Yerah)


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